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What Race Are Hispanics?

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What Race Are Hispanics?

By Thomas Carter
July 15, 2011

Regarding the recent census in the United States, there was much debate about the racial classification of 'Hispanics'.

Is 'Hispanic' a race?  In short, no.  'Hispanic' is a cultural designation but New World Hispanics can be broken down into racial categories, such as mestizo or Amerindian. 

Are New World Hispanics white?  Most often, no, they are not white.

Although the traditional meaning of 'Hispanic' related to those from Spain and  white Hispanics do exist in Latin America (esp. in Argentina), many of the Hispanics in the New World have little, or no, Spanish ancestry, especially those immigrating to the United States.

Since the unspoken purpose of the American census was to find out how many non-Westerners (i.e. non-whites) were living in the US, perhaps a better classification (as others have pointed out) would be:

MAMBs: mestizos, Amerindians, mulattos & blacks from Latin America.

Other than Argentina (and possibly Chile) much of Latin America and the Caribbean seems to be populated by MAMBs.

Most Latin American countries seem to have large percentages of non-Europeans.  For instance, Brazil is  almost 50% black / mulatto;  Columbia is 58% mestizo and 14% mulatto; and Guatemala is more than 90% Amerindian and mestizo.

According to the CIA World Fact Book, Mexico is:
60% mestizo
30% Amerindian
Less than 10% European (mostly Spaniard)

And what is the ancestry of mestizos? Examining genetic ancestral markers, Rubén Lisker found the average admixture of a lower-income mestizos in Mexico City to be:

59% Amerindian
34% European [mostly Spaniard]
and 6% black

As Richard Lynn points out in "Pigmentocracy: Racial Hierarchies in the Caribbean and Latin America," most Latin American countries seem to have an extremely small upper-class of Europeans, and below it very large masses of Amerindians, mestizos, mulattos and blacks.

And most of the people immigrating to the United States from Latin America are from the lower, non-European classes, especially from Mexico.

Furthermore, if you figure the average European or Diaspora European IQ to be around 102 - 103, it becomes apparent that MAMBs fall below.

Average black IQ: 75
Average mestizo IQ: 82

Average IQs of some Latin American countries:

Equador: 80
Guatemala: 79
Mexico: 87
Puerto Rico: 84

Because of this lower IQ immigration from Mexico, Latin America and elsewhere, Byron M. Roth, in The Perils of Diversity: Immigration and Human Nature, estimates that

[The] average American IQ will decline from 98 to 95 by mid-century. This may seem a small drop, but it will have dire effects for elites, because the percentage of Americans with an IQ of at least 120 will fall from 7.1 to 4.8. [Summary by Lynn.]

It seems, in conclusion, that most New World Hispanics arriving in the United States vary by race (are MAMBs) but clearly are non-Western (i.e. are non-white, i.e. are non-Diaspora European) and probably fall below Westerners in intellectual ability.

[Data taken from Lynn's IQ and the Wealth of Nations, "Pigmentocracy: Racial Hierarchies in the Caribbean and Latin America," & "Whimper and a Bang"; Rushton's Race, Evolution & Behavior; Collin's "Immigration Externalities"; Lisker's "Racial admixture in a Mestizo population from Mexico City."]

Further Reading:

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  6. Good piece. I think a lot of people can tell Hispanics are not white by looking at them although most people probably don't know about the Amerindian / black admixture of them.

    The neighborhood in California my Mom grew up in used to be lilly white, safe, good schools, etc. Now it's about 80% Hispanic, schools are plagued by gangs and drugs, mestizo gang-bangers roam the streets.

  7. You can just tell by looking at 99% of Hispanics that they are not white... and that 1% that is white you won't even recognize as Hispanic.

  8. Im a white hispanic with an IQ of 160. Descendant of elite Czech socialites of El Slvador and prestigious Basque descent. My dad is half german a quarter israeli and my mom is a pure white El Salvadoran woman. LOL, I just identify as white, which means I am from more prestigious pedigree am taller, smarter, richer etc....just ignore the blue collar MAMBs....americans tend to pay too much attention to them especially middle to upper class white americans that may see them as a bit exotic and intrigued by them etc....whites are better in every way. although I would allow distinguished castizos in this category which are less than 25% amerindian...they are the "exotic whites" like demi moore, megan fox, jennifer lopez, angelina jolie...

  9. Carter, Hispanics are a CULTURE not a race. Hispanic is an ethnonym that denotes a relationship to Spain. This little known fact explains my supremely white skin, blue eyes, and higher IQ; all of this and I was born in Puerto Rico as were my parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. Our blood is pure. Hispanics may be Caucasian (descended from Europeans. My first descendant arrived in Puerto Rico from Spain in the mid-1600. So, please don't place me (an hispanic caucasian) in the same category as people of color. Blacks procreate enough during their lifetime to start their own country; you don't need anymore.

  10. Anonymous,

    Perhaps you are of the very small percentage of New World Hispanics that are white. As the article above notes, most Hispanics in the New World aren't white (but are mestizos, Amerindians, mulattoes or blacks).

    1. I am a white - looking Hispanic and grew up in an American state that is full of mostly Spain - Spanish Hispanics. There are lots of us, you just don't notice because you assume we are white.

  11. @Christine,

    That is exactly why I started identifying as White American, as opposed to White Hispanic. Truth is, people will always identify "Hispanic" with "MAMBs" so I just say white now. After all I am not even a mediterannen type of white I am central european phenotype (large football player type build etc..) people looked at me like I was crazy when I said hispanic. Some hispanics even said that I couldnt say hispanic "cuz I dont look like it". I am of the very VERY few (like below one percent) of people with origins in central america that is--wait for it....: a person with celtic and germanic roots. I fit perfectly in the USA. Its so rare that people have a hard time believing until I dare elaborate further and actually say that my grandfather was part of the german immigration to guatemala all of whom practiced Nazi-ism and even followed the Third Reich and fought against the US in WW2. So I am not even a mediterannean type of look. I used to say White Hispanic, now I just say White.

  12. The white race is a disease. All whites must be purged.

    1. Your race seems to be the cancer, eating at all the other races of the world. YOU will be purged! It is happening even now. :)

    2. Hajji, if it weren't for White people, your people would still be screwing goats... err .. Oh, I forgot, you still are!

  13. I am from Argentina, and this is truth, Argentina is the only country in Southamerica who have majority white (60% of white people)

  14. i have pale skin blue eyes dark brown hair. i wonder if i am 100% white? come from romanian polish russian backround but jewish. whats your take?

  15. It's the damnedest thing. When we talk about Mexican immigration we aren't allowed to call them Indians and Mestizos, which would be the accurate racial terminology. Because merely noting race is "racist". Instead we are forced to say "hispanic" to be polite, even though that is a wider concept. And then that politeness that is forced upon us is used against us to shut down debate. When we talk about "hispanics", as we are forced to do by leftist media, the leftists shout, "Hispanics are not a race, it's a culture!" Yes - but you are the ones who force us to say that instead of the accurate words. Attacking words used for race and nationality is a common way for leftists to stop and derail a discussion about racial facts before it can begin.

  16. "Political correctness" is a cancer, devouring the United States. We can't say ANYTHING to do with race, in fear it will offend somebody. BS! I say call a spade a spade!
    If the emperor isn't wearing clothes, let us 'say what we see". The truth is the truth!
    If blacks make up 60% of prison inmates, it is because they commit MOST of the crime! If the black population doesn't like that fact, then let 'THEM' change it!
    I'm white from the south east US. I was taught to respect authority. Mind my manners and learn everything I could in school. Most whites and Hispanics have these same values, but sadly, most blacks today do not. Yet our liberal system tells us to "ignore the problem and never connect it to "race"... That is a problem our children will be forced to live (or die) with.
    I'm not politically correct, but I'm damned sure correct in what I'm saying!