Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Statistics on race and welfare for the USA

There seem to be some misconceptions in the MSM about race and welfare in the United States.  For instance, you often hear it stated that more whites are on welfare than blacks.  After combing through the numbers, however, you find that the opposite is true.

The racial breakdown of the USA (2010 census) is:

63.7% White
16.4% Hispanic (presumably mostly mestizo or Amerindian)
12.6% Black

According to the national Office of Family Assistance, the racial breakdown of welfare recipients is:

Of those on welfare, 33.3% are black, 31.2% are white, and 28.8% are Hispanic.

So, clearly whites are drastically underrepresented in welfare recipients, while blacks and Hispanics are both overrepresented. Contrary to the illusion presented by the MSM, both in total numbers and proportionally more blacks are on welfare than whites.


A recent report (by CIS) shows that 74.7% of Mexican immigrants with children use some form of welfare in the USA.  (A racial breakdown of Mexicans is here.)

Camarota:  "Welfare Use by Immigrant Households with Children"

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